AR Ratings

The Accelerated Reader (AR) is a curriculum-based assessment tool that provides a summary and analysis of results to enable teachers to monitor both the quantity and quality of reading practice engaged in by their students.

For example, when you see an AR rating of 4.5, that indicates that the book is considered appropriate reading level for a reader in the fourth grade at the fifth month of schoolling.  Please keep in mind that these are simply guidelines.  There will be children you are capable of reading books above their level, as well as those who will only be able to tackle books below their assigned reading level.  Every child is an individual and develops at different rates. 

It is important to nurture and encouage your children to read.  Find the level that works for them and build confidence in their ability to achieve reading successfully.  That effort will build their interest in reading and thus developing stronger reading habits.

If you want to obtain the AR rating for a book or locate the availability of an AR quiz for a book, go to

Follow the instructions and enter the book you wish to see rated.

Happy Reading!

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